IDWaterMark – อันดับที่ 8 ในแผนภูมิธุรกิจ

In today’s digital era, protecting and showcasing your images and works has become more important than ever. IDWaterMark is a robust application crafted to meet all your watermarking needs, providing seamless experiences on your devices. Our app empowers you to enhance your images with professional watermarks, adding a unique mark to your creations.
Key Features

Versatile Format Support:
Seamlessly edit and watermark various image formats with ease.

Customizable Watermarks:
Tailor your watermarks to perfection, choosing from a variety of fonts, colors, sizes, rotation angles, and styles to match your unique aesthetic.

Rich Watermark Options:
Explore a diverse set of watermarking possibilities, whether adding a single watermark or achieving full coverage with multiple watermarks.

Creative Mirror Flipping:
Unleash creativity by flipping watermarks horizontally or vertically, adding unique and captivating effects to your visuals.

User-Friendly Interface:
Enjoy a seamless editing experience with our intuitive and user-friendly interface, making watermarking accessible to all.

High-Quality Export:
Export your watermarked images in high resolution for easy sharing or integration into your projects.

Multi-File Selection and PDF Watermarking (macOS version only):
Support for selecting multiple files at once and adding watermarks to PDF files, significantly enhancing your workflow efficiency.

Application Scenarios

Photographers and Designers:
Add personalized watermarks to your work, protecting your copyright and showcasing your brand.

Businesses and Marketing Teams:
Batch add company logos to product images, boosting brand awareness.

Social Media Users:
Quickly add watermarks to shared images to prevent unauthorized use and distribution.

Education and Academia:
Add identifiers to teaching materials and research outputs, ensuring intellectual property security.


Transform your images into visually captivating works with IDWaterMark. Download now and add a professional touch to your creations!

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